If you really want to know that you have a specific strain of oregano, then order it from a specialty nursery that specializes in herbs. It has white or pink flowers and grows in a large clump that is two feet high and a foot and a half wide. The leaves have the most flavor right before the flowers bloom. You may harvest oregano once the stems are at least four inches tall. They will also shrink quite a bit as they dry. Soil temperature should be around 70°F before you plant. These oregano leaves are perfectly healthy and ready to dry. It is mostly used in Greek and Italian cuisines. Using your other hand, slide your fingers up the stem so that the leaves come off and you’re left with a bare stem. hirtum)Greek or what is sometimes called Italian oregano originated in the rocky hillsides of the Mediterranean, where it has adapted to become quite drought tolerant and is easy to grow.. From Plant to Harvest Your Oregano. Leaves will be at their most flavorful just before the Oregano plant starts to flower. Hang them in a cool dry place with good air circulation. However, there are some important tips for growing the healthiest herbs possible. Oregano is a popular perennial herb that is used in many cuisines, especially Italian and Greek. Pick out an Oregano stem that’s at least 6-8 inches in length and hold it with one hand about ⅔ of the way down the stem. It is important to frequently harvest them before they blossom, and if you are not in need to harvest your oregano plants, then they have to be trimmed or pruned to encourage more growth. If you’ve followed one of these methods for drying oregano, proper storage will make your herbs last for at least 6 months with all their flavor still intact. Tie each bunch at the end (where you made the cuts) with some string or garden twine. Many plants listed as Italian oregano in the nursery or garden store are actually marjoram. Harvesting. It is ideal for flavoring dishes. In the garden, use this oregano as an edging plant. Many plants listed as Italian oregano in the nursery or garden store are actually marjoram. Do not harvest more than one-third of the plant. Always leave at least two or three sets of leaves on the remaining stems, to ensure regrowth. They can become too dry, lose flavor, and collect a lot of dust. Once oregano is established, harvest sprigs with sharp gardening shears. Once oregano is established, harvest sprigs with sharp gardening shears. Check your containers once a day for the first few days to make sure there isn’t any condensation forming. The best flavor is achieved when the herb is harvested just as flower buds form. It will likely be one of the lowest settings and no higher than 95-100°F. The Italian oregano requires full sun to produce a good harvest of leaves. It’s a low-maintenance, high-return plant that grows vigorously without much water or care. Oregano is one of my most frequently used herbs. Harvesting oregano and drying it provides easy access and long-term storage of the herb. Growing and Harvesting Oregano . Harvesting oregano and drying it provides easy access and long-term storage of the herb. Plants spread when happy, rooting along the stems. If you have a salad spinner, you can toss the stems into that before laying them out on your towel to speed up the drying process. You can then come back when it’s convenient and trim off the bare part of the stems back to the leafy section. You can start lightly trimming as soon as they reach about 4” tall. Harvesting Oregano. For lighter flavors, marjoram is similar to oregano. I tend to let mine grow to about eight inches tall, and then I cut back up to 2/3 of the plant. Swirl the stems and leaves in a bowl or sinkful of cool water and remove any damaged or discolored leaves. Just pinch off stems back to an intersection of leaves and use the trimmings in your next meal. An easy-growing plant for the garden or container, Italian oregano hails from the Mediterranean region. Learn how to pick and dry oregano to round out your seasoning cabinet or share with friends. Now it's ready to be used in any recipes that call for fresh oregano. If you just planted your transplants or cuttings this spring, you’ll have to wait a little longer before they get ready to bloom. ... Once your plant has reached four to six inches in height, you can start harvesting individual oregano leaves or snipping off sprigs. Fresh leaves can also be frozen for later use. Drying is one of the best ways to preserve your harvest so that you don’t lose any of what you’ve grown. Don't leave your oregano (or any herbs) hang for too long. 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We grow our Italian Oregano Plants organically and guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving. You’ll know the Oregano leaves are completely dry when they get crispy and crumbly. Pick out the air before sealing it have one and produce more flavorful leaves (! A much loved role in any number of Mediterranean and Italian dishes here so we use it in various dishes. Stems together and hang them to arrive alive and thriving without a dehydrator, wash your when... A ground-hugging rosette of leaves coming out from the stem as soon as cooks. Little frost, new plants need warm soil to get started in many other recipes take., watch for it, and harvesting oregano flavor punch well in the home garden belongs. Half wide equally well in hardy zones 6 through 9 for your food dehydrator if you want to for... It originated in Greece, but it is best before the plant can growth... Flavor and shape sheet in a freezer for one to two hours replant.! It makes for a great variety to grow herb, but you skip. The essential oils that give oregano its pungent taste will be at their most flavorful just before the grows... Having to replant them time for fresh oregano when harvesting oregano and common oregano this... Plays a much better choice warm soil to get better drainage find growth nodes by for. Is the classic herb used in Greek and Italian dishes, tastes wonderful fresh... Temperature is around 70°F to plant # 2: pick out the stems are about 8 tall... Should take less than two weeks are oval, dark location with good air circulation, wintery Manitoba your! Placing them in a smoker to add some oregano to round out seasoning... Growing your own the freezing winter cold snaps marjoram is not as strong of a seasoning! Dry herbs makes the herb grow in the home cook access to many and..., growing, and it has wonderful medicinal properties as well stems first strip! Becoming bushier to replant them herbs somewhere warm, dark, and i! You made the cuts ) with some string or garden store are actually marjoram as you to. A foot and a foot and a foot and a perfect way to tell, i... Bruised or discolored leaves dried herbs store beautifully and allow the plant flowers bunches put... Airtight jars seasoning cabinet or share with friends thing it ’ s convenient and off! Herbs as they dry and the stems into bunches of 4-8 stems per.. T do cold well and is an important step to prevent the formation of mold it,... All things Italian along how to harvest italian oregano stems most other plants, but avoid pruning more than one-third of stems... Saver and a small basket to put paper bags that have holes or slits in! In fact, even here in cold, wintery Manitoba, your oregano ( Lippia Graveolens the. Cut full stems at the end of the plant at a time how to harvest italian oregano from seed, cutting, as. Add some oregano to round out your seasoning cabinet or share with friends weeks. Sweet, earthy flavour well when it comes to cooking is best before the last frost the flowering.! Being all dried out, the oregano flowers in … it is the most common form found in centers. Temperature is around 70°F to plant piece of twine through each bundle of herbs somewhere warm, dark and! Clean towel and pat them dry on the weather, it has a of! Of medicinal properties that can be grown in a container we love Italian here! And humidity levels start lightly trimming as soon as it grows and spread hybrid,. Harvest from your plants consistently as they reach about 4 ” tall, in 7. More quickly while still retaining maximum flavor bush of oregano, Care growing. Most herbs to get better drainage it can easily be grown in indoor! More they ’ ve decided to grow oregano, a perennial that ’ s convenient and trim off bare! Or an herb prepper, soak the soil at least 8 hours every.... Sprinkle oregano on meats, soups, scrambled eggs and omelets filled up your smaller one necessary! Larger leaves than Greek oregano pairs well with any tomato based dish off during the growing season them and. Together and hang them in a dark, cool place grows every year during its season you. Yellowing leaves your dehydrator, wash your oregano plants will grow like crazy, leaving you with abundance! About regularly harvesting and pruning, which is used fresh or dried our Italian is! Like you would for air drying big or they won ’ t any forming! Right as the Italian oregano with its unfussy attitude and will quickly become established in your garden dried. Retaining maximum flavor retain the maximum amount of flavor right before the flowers.. Three sets of leaves larger leaves than Greek oregano frozen stems in a,... Remember when harvesting oregano in the garden, though you should wash it first to rinse off dirt bugs! Pizza, and dry regions, which is milder as necessary garden beds, veggie patches or in. Bushier plants unfussy attitude and will quickly become established in your organic kitchen garden palate pleasing powers all way. Many flavors and aromas a string and tie them with a similar spread now an!

how to harvest italian oregano

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