I would take the prime. It feels like there is so much wrong with the skin but at the same time I can’t specifically call anything out that’s totally ruins the skin, it’s weird. So they nerf those to so the gap wouldn't be so big. Genres:Shooter. It is the counterpart to the Phantom, and is unique for its high DPS at any range. To anyone that happens to still play and have the lato vandal.DE really needs to be buffed.I mean it is fine for a trophy weapon for the CB players but I'd like to use it too. Currently, Prime Collection is on sale which can be purchased for 7100 Valorant Points. Money vs. small window of opportunity. Prime model offers slightly increased damage. All Platinum and goods (i.e. 0 0 0. planned on keeping it but really, this is too much. Prime Access, PS4 Renown Pack, Mod Packs, Obsidian Braton Skin) purchased on the PS4 PSN Store will be added to your new migrated account at the base rank. Get it as soon as … Imagine If DE would pull out Akbronco Prime  that would not collect dust at all :D, Yeah, Lato prime should be equal to Magnus, at least. Supra Vandal Build 2020 (Guide) - She Still Packs a Punch (Warframe Gameplay) When I first encountered the Supra Vandal I was to low in Mastery Rank to get it or use it but as soon as I got my hands on it I realized what all the fuss was about. 1 Summary 2 Cosmetic Items 2.1 Skins 3 Update History 4 Trivia The Vandal is a fully automatic rifle that sits at 2,900 Credits. Joined: 11/21/15 Posts: 14 Likes … Both are one of the best skins in the game. I understand the Braton vs Lato argument,where the Lato would easily win... TBH I think that's a weak argument to begin with, the Braton should simply have been buffed rather than the Lato being brought down to its (rather horrible) level. FREE Shipping. Press J to jump to the feed. Find Sellers of Lato (Prime, Vandal), and get in touch with them easily! Both are cool skins... but I like the prime vandal more. speaking of lato vandal, if i sell it do i still get the slot it occupied? The set includes four gun skins, one melee weapon skin, a Prime card and a couple of sprays. Expand Collapse. The AR-762 Vandal is a Rifle that is a primary weapon in Valorant. Players can view and vote to rank the best Secondary Weapon! In short, the 2020 Vandal’s inner barrel design and exit speeds make it a legit single piece aluminum bat with a premium price, great look and reasonable enough performance to serve the serious hitter. $249.95 $ 249. 11.8k. Sebastianx, February 10, 2014 in Weapons. They let one know that – in this game about metal space ninjas fighting clones – you can still find something as basic as an automatic rifle and use it to kill said clones. On the first day that it, after playing game after game with that shitty fucking skin I can't cant use the prime skin anymore it completely ruined the gun for me, On the other hand, the prime makes the vandal feel really cool and big and once you get aces or clutches it makes them feel rewarding when you're using the elder, Wait what which skin are you talking about. Expand Collapse. ©2020 Digital Extremes Ltd. All rights reserved. Rare items-Excalibur Prime-Lato Vandal-Latron Wraith-Strun Wraith Discussion on Warframe account - MR 6 - Lato Vandal, Frost Prime, Snipetron within the Warframe Trading forum part of the MMORPG Trading category. Offline. American Vandal: Season One. A special version of the standard Braton rifle with a slower fire rate but offering higher accuracy and damage values. Didn't even know they got stealth-nerfed. Players can view and vote to rank the best Secondary Weapon!

lato vandal vs prime

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