This story takes place between the birth of Scar and Mufasa, and the beginning of the movie. he asked, realizing, due to Karanga's painful expression, that the answer was more than obvious. Scar harboured some jealousy towards his brother, but he at least still had a begrudging respect for Mufasa and carried out his responsibility as lea… Carefully, she grabbed the little cub with her mouth and walked out of the cave. "What happened, Karanga?" She saved the baby's life, but now she's gone! Among all the prides that lived in the Savannah, there was one which turned out to be more special than the rest, because of all the events that occurred in it. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. His eyes were brown, just like his father's. I don't own the Lion King. Her face was pale and her expression was a painful one. Thembi was big and brawny. The story and life of Mufasa and Scar when they were once cubs of their father Ahadi. The Lion King. Story added by tomzillawash3r3 on August 18, 2019. ", Thembi ordered, still looking at Karanga in a distrustful way. ", Thembi interrupted Karanga. Surely, once he calms down, he will think carefully about what happened and will realize that the second cub isn't guilty of Kitok's death, she thought. His fur was darker than the fur of the rest of the lionesses of his pride. In this story, an adolescent Mufasa is roaming the Pride Lands with his father, Ahadi, and brother, Taka, and stumbles upon Rafiki, a traveling baboon who is in search of knowledge. "What are you going to do?" He rubbed his muzzle against Kitok's, wetting it with his own tears. Both seemed to be waiting for a very important happening, and remained silent. 1. ~ Rafiki, keeper of the mysteries, anoints Prince Simba's brow, sprinkles the cub with ceremonial dust, and raises him to the skies for all of heaven and earth to see. In this story it is the sequel to Lion King is in training to be king and Kiara is in training to be queen. I am sure you have all read or watched the Lion King. "That one," Thembi said pointing with his paw at the second cub and looking at him sideways, "that's the one you can take away. Elizabethcherry12. Karanga felt the fur on her back bristling, fearing that Thembi would make a terrible mistake. "Karanga, tell me, was it a male or a female?" It seemed that this name was appealing to the lions, and they kept it through times to come. she asked fearfully. If he ever stands in my way then-". Scar is the younger brother of Mufasa, the uncle of Simba, and second in line to the throne after Simba is born. Anasa asked. She knew Thembi was highly agitated because of Kitok's sudden death, so she came to the conclusion that Thembi wasn't thinking straight and he didn't know what he was saying. Karanga looked at Thembi for an instant. Thembi entered the cave hastily ignoring the fact that he had to wait until the cubs were totally clean. Take him far away! The baboon smiled slightly. Thembi always wore a stern expression in his face, because he was a very serious lion. Thembi tilted his head as he listened to the sounds his sons were making. Scar's Story. Seeing that Karanga's face was full of sadness this time, Thembi felt a chill going through all his body, causing the fur on his back to stand on end. During Ahadi's reign, a drought devastates the Pride Lands. 'The Lion King' Producer Says Mufasa and Scar Aren't Actually Brothers. Thembi tried to look in her eyes, but the lioness looked away quickly, avoiding visual contact and trying to hide from Thembi the tears that were starting to appear in her eyes. He stared at Thembi thoughtfully, who didn't notice, in the middle of his worries, that he was being observed by the baboon. Rafiki gave a soft pat on the lion's back, reminding him that the baboon would be there for him, always. There she was, his wife, companion, friend, the Queen of the Pride Lands. Her radiant face helped calm Thembi. There was a small cave in its base, that the lions used to protect themselves from the rain and the sun. Karanga became alarmed again. "What has happened to my wife?" This beautiful place was divided in a great number of territories, invisible to human sight, but easily identified by the animals living in it. 3:24. Before Simba was born, Scar was tasked with leading the Lion Guard and was bestowed a power called the "Roar of the Elders" by the Great Kings of the Past which, when used, would cause the Great Kings of the Past to roar with him. The story and life of Mufasa and Scar when they were once cubs of their father Ahadi. "Are you still there? It was so wide that the pride members referred to their kingdom as "Everything the light touches." Take him away! "Oh, no! "I hope there won't be any complications at all," he said, and then remained silent, allowing himself be absorbed by the beauty of his kingdom. Pride Rock was no ordinary stone. Use the form below to add a new role to this story. Thembi breathed a sigh of relief. Kamaria means Bright like the Moon in Swahili. Both cubs were beautiful, but they were starting to feel the lack of motherly warmth and food, so they whined constantly. They called that rock "Pride Rock". the lion asked, full of enthusiasm. He's your son-", "No, he isn't! :). "She..." the lioness started, but all of a sudden she broke down in tears. "It was a beautiful male lion!" Thembi said through clenched teeth. "That's it. But I'm going to make the one responsible for your death pay for his guilt!" Young Mufasa is destined to be king one day, while Scar (who used to be named Taka) is overly jealous and angry at this decision and plans to overthrow Mufasa's place and make everyone lose faith in him so that Taka would be king instead. He could easily identify the one that had been born first, being completely clean, whereas the one that had been born after still had some spots to be cleaned. Thembi saw her leave. Inside the cave, the beautiful lioness Kitok was lying motionless on the floor. Elements and characters taken from this movie are property of Walt Disney, I don't take any credit, and no profit is made out of this story.Any character that you don't recognize from the movie was made up by me. It had seen the birth and death of many lions; it had lived and shared with them their triumphs and misadventures, their happiness and their sadness. "Stop it!" Although he knew Simba felt better about it he still thought that he was the bad guy. You might find it archived in other sites; however, in this version, some of the grammar, punctuation and character flaws have been fixed (or at least tried to!) Their territories were big and spacious, covered by a soft rug made of green grass. The lands that belonged to the prides of lions were the most spectacular ones; they were located close to a water hole, which helped refresh the lions every time they wanted to. I don't want to see him. Thembi smiled again. There was an adult baboon sitting by his side. Simba (voiced by Matthew Broderick as adult Simba in the films, Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a cub in The Lion King, Matt Weinberg as a cub in The Lion King 1½, Cam Clarke in Timon & Pumbaa, Rob Lowe in The Lion Guard, Donald Glover in the 2019 film, JD McCrary as a cub in the 2019 film) is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, Scar's nephew, Nala's mate, and Kiara and Kion's father. While Mufasa is aware that his brother doesn't like him, Mufasa still cares and looks after him. a lioness called. "I'll do it," she said after a few seconds. Assemble your dream cast! Ready to move onto another story? Characters. Now it was about to witness, once again, the miracle of life - but at the same time the tragedy and pain of death. Young Mufasa is destined to be king one day, while Scar (who used to be named Taka) is overly jealous and angry at this decision and plans to overthrow Mufasa's place and make everyone lose faith in him so that Taka would be king … But all of them marked the history of new generations of animals that were still about to come. "I won't let you harm him!" The rest of the lionesses stared sadly at her. Thembi started talking to the small lion that cried and pleaded for something to eat. Once he made a decision, nothing on earth could make him change his mind. Rafiki later mentions Mufasa in a story he tells Simba. the ill-tempered lion growled. It was almost sunset. Wochit Entertainment. The story and life of Mufasa and Scar when they were once cubs of their father Ahadi. Also I'm writing this story because I always loved Scar and wondered what if Mufasa and Scar had another brother. The whole kingdom could be appreciated while standing on the peak of Pride Rock, where the lions could climb up to without difficulty. "Leave him there! An imposing rock stood right in the middle of the Pride Lands. the lion added coldly. All in all, he could also be gentle and loving, if he felt like it. One of his biggest defects was that had a very unstable temper, not to mention that he also could be very spiteful and stubborn. Lowering the tone of her voice, Karanga went on. Disclaimer: This work is based on Walt Disney's film "The Lion King". the lion asked, trying to keep calm. However Scar has the opportunity to love another and it changes him. NOTE: Since the story was written more than 10 years ago, this story is NOT canon, so some names and situations will be different. Or did he die when he was born?" Don't see what you're looking for? Some were good things, some were bad things. Originally first-in-line to Mufasa's throne until he is suddenly replaced by Simba, Scar decides to lead an army of hyenas in his plot to take the throne by killing Mufasa (succeeded) and exiling Simba (failed), ultimately blaming his brother's death on his nephew. Get him out of here, now!" he muttered, hugging the bigger cub protectively, and looking resentfully at the second one, still hidden between Karanga's legs. The enormous stone was exceedingly beautiful and majestic, worthy of being occupied by the Lion King of the Pride Lands and his pride. ", he demanded desperately. As the second-born cub of the monarch, Scar was tasked with leading the Lion Guard when he was younger and was given a power called the Roar of the Elders, which, when used, would cause the Great Kings of the Past to roar with him against the forces of evil. "Thembi..." she called, trying to get the Lion King's attention. The moment of silence was interrupted when a lioness came out of the cave, smiling widely. Karanga shook her head. "That cub is responsible for Kitok's death. The story of The Lion King takes place in an African kingdom called the Pride Lands, where a lion rules over the other animals as king.At the beginning of the film, Rafiki (Robert Guillaume), a mandrill shaman, anoints Simba, the newborn cub of King Mufasa (James Earl Jones) and Queen Sarabi (Madge Sinclair), and presents him to a gathering of animals at Pride Rock (\"The Circle of Life\"). He turned his head rapidly and faced the lioness. Over time, Scar became the fiercest member of his Lion Guard and used to mostly patrol on his own.

the lion king mufasa and scar story

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