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Tap Into Asia Pacific Market Now From Labuan!

Asia Pacific is advancing to regional economic integration, becoming the world’s fastest growing market!

Growing Region

Asia Pacific is a growing economy with great potential of opportunities!

Regional Hub

Use Malaysia as your center for your tax efficiency and affordable cost of operation!

Two In One

Malaysia has both jurisdictions domestic and Labuan to maximize your return!

Labuan Now Integrates FinTech and Blockchain Businesses with Array of Licenses!

Complete Licensing and Solutions quickly legitimize your business!

By using current guidelines to speed up the applications and we are glad to introduce to you in a comprehensive in-depth to get the necessary approvals to operate. Labuan Crypto Exchange is an extension of Labuan Money Broker License, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be belt under Credit token license while the e-wallet model will be for payment system approval are the three main approvals to support the Fintech and Blockchain initiatives.

For the first time, these three business areas can be legalized especially on company issue utility token ICO, it is the only one jurisdiction in the world to do so. Labuan indeed provides total solutions to encourage Fintech and Blockchain industry to grow. Labuan will able to give the right perspective in doing business, especially for Asia Pacific region. 

Labuan Crypto Exchange License

Labuan offers digital currencies exchange license for fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat

Labuan ICO License

Promote your utility token to raise funds for new projects or promote your products within your businessnomic!

Labuan E-Wallet License

Legitimize your Digital Wallet and promote within your own business or collaborate with other merchants

Investment Vehicles

Get your zero tax for all your investments in Fintech and Blockchain businesses in Labuan with Labuan company or Foundation!

Labuan Jurisdiction’s 2021 new tax law enhances the commercial substance to tax proof your business more effectively!

Labuan New Tax Is Now 3% Flat Rate For Trading Company and 0% For Investment Holding! 

Starting from 2019, the Labuan governing authorities has introduced many new changes to the rules and regulations of the Labuan tax regime. After 2 years of discussions, the new Labuan Business Activity Tax (Requirements for Labuan Business
Activity) Regulations 2021 was gazetted on 22 November 2021 to replace the old.

New exciting tax changes that was introduced within these 2 years now permits Labuan entities to deal with Malaysian residents in Malaysian Ringgit with a single tier tax rate:

  1. Trading Company (as specified in [P.U.(A) 423/2021]) – 3% on net audited profits
  2. Investment Holding Company – 0%

For companies that receive royalties and income deriving from Intellectual Property right as well as rental receivable from properties situated in Malaysia, the tax rate remains at 24%.

Labuan entities that would like to enjoy the low 3% Labuan tax rate can do so by complying with the minimum substance requirements (having minimum number of staff and incurring a minimum amount of operating annual expenditure in Labuan). So long as the specific requirements are met, the Labuan entity will be deemed as a ‘carrying on Labuan business activity’ by the tax authority (Inland Revenue of Malaysia).

Check out the complete info on the new tax law 2022!

Labuan is a CRS and BEPS compliant jurisdiction!

Labuan is affordable to assist you on tax proofing your business to meet commercial substance to requirements!

With OECD’s Common Reporting System (CRS) in place, many business owners are beginning to look into and chose Labuan for their latest international business ventures, especially when they are aiming to expand in the Asia-Pacific region. The CRS aims to provide convenience to tax authorities of individual countries in accessing information of individuals and business owners regarding their wealth and involvement worldwide.

Non-compliance with CRS is highly discouraged and it is very likely to attract tax scrutiny. As a result, all international business owners are now taking the CRS seriously, taking care to plan their businesses well in order to comply with commercial substance in the jurisdiction where their business is situated. Easy and free compliant jurisdictions such as BVI, Seychelles etc have recently implemented a new system of reporting requirements for compliance purposes to be in line with OECD’s objectives. On the other hand, compliance such as submission of annual return, corporate tax filing etc have been in place since the inception of Labuan. That is to say, Labuan has been a compliant jurisdiction since day one. Labuan company owners are able to furnish the latest letter of good standing, tax residence certificate, company letter of information etc as and when required of them.

By addressing the key issues you face:

Key Decision Issue

When keys decision needed to be made, the top management has to fly into that jurisdiction to conduct the meeting. This means air tickets, passport immigration checking stamp, etc has to be in place as proof of your presence in the country would be required should tax authority requires.

Far away distance and zero tax jurisdiction may be no longer attractive due to this reason especially when the top management comprises a group of people, making arrangements to travel together may be difficult. More so, these jurisdictions unable to produce tax residence certificates to validate your business!

Office and Staffing Issue

Labuan licensed entities and Investment Holding company of own subsidiary are now subjected to the new 2022 Labuan tax guidelines requirement of minimum number of staff and spending in Labuan. Find out more here!

The estimated rental for office in Labuan for a can be as low as USD 120 per desk, while the staff salary is about USD 400-500. It is very much affordable compared to other jurisdictions.

Labuan is part of Malaysia that is complete with all support and services including legal, arbitration etc which are easily accessible to assist you in growing your business in Labuan

Banking Issue

Recently, many bank accounts of BVI, Seychelles, etc already being shut by bankers in Hong Kong and Singapore due to lack of commercial substance. Bankers will start to ask clients to prove the commercial substance and possibly audit reports to show the activities and latest company compliance documents. Bankers are also under pressure to keep good and compliant clients under their belt.

Labuan company bank accounts can be set up in Labuan and within Malaysia as well as Singapore. This has not been an issue as Labuan is a compliant jurisdiction and with commercial substance.

All Our CRS Solutions For Labuan

10 Quick Reasons Why Labuan Is Favoured by Expatriates

All Labuan Entities is 100% Foreign-Owned with Low Paid-Up Capital!

Labuan is also CRS compliant jurisdiction to tax proof your business at an affordable cost of operation!

100% ownership, without local Malaysian partner
Low tax of 3% on net profit with audit reporting
For investment holding companies, 0% tax
Most businesses do not require trade licenses
Can operate with foreign currencies and MYR Ringgit Bank accounts
Permissible to deal with the Malaysian market and in MYR currency!
Can apply for Marketing Office anywhere in Malaysia
Renewable 2 years multiple entry Labuan work visa
You can stay anywhere in West Malaysia and Labuan
Labuan 2 years work permit can include all dependents and parents

We enable you!

Complete Licensing and Solutions to quickly legitimize your business!

Starting a Mutual Fund Business in Labuan

For entrepreneurs especially for promising projects and the new economy in fintech and blockchain looking to raise funds or become a venture capitalist, Labuan Jurisdiction is one of the most ideal places to get started! Labuan Mutual Fund can be either Private or Public – depending on your objectives and the types of investors you want to attract. Instead of splitting your equity with an investor, one should consider using a Labuan Mutual Fund vehicle.

Starting a Brokerage Business in Labuan

Labuan Jurisdiction is becoming increasingly popular among international brokerage securities businesses and entreprenuers to start a new business in Labuan particularly serving the Fintech and Blockchain players. It is a new frontier to have a new breed of Labuan securities company to enhance the ecosystem of the Fintech and Blockchain Platform that Labuan FSA is now building to gather for the ASIA PACIFIC region in this field. 

Starting a Labuan Fund Management Business 

Fund management will be difficult to set up with 100% foreign ownership yet affordable in domestic space! In Labuan’s “mid-shore” context, the fund management business is booming added fuel by Fintech and Blockchain positive outlook in Labuan. Labuan fund mangers can structure funds to invest in these potential areas via Securities Token Offering with assets backed. For more how to apply for Labuan Fund Manager license.

Starting a Labuan Money Broking Business

With online presence rapid growth, many forex exchange platforms has been created and many are now in Labuan. Some also offer the cryptocurrencies exchange alongside with the fiat currencies. The license will be approved for those who have experience in the fields. Cost of setting up of Labuan Money Broker business is relatively low with paid-up capital of USD 150,000, for more on how to apply for Labuan Money Broker License.

Wealth Succession Planning with Labuan

Wealth Succession Planning is about how to successfully preserve and transfer your wealth from present generation to future generations with a financial strategy to ensure that your assets go to the right people at the right time. Labuan IBFC offers complete solutions to manage your wealth and succession and it is the only jurisdiction in Asia that offers Private Foundations!

Find out more about why Labuan Private Foundation is so special!

3 Steps To Achieve Your Goals With Labuan

Setting Up the Right Labuan Entity

Establishing the right entity is arguably the most important because what is mapped here sets the stage for the entire business.

Prioritise Your Tax Efficiency Goals

A well-planned tax strategy is essential to help you realize your business goals and enjoy lower taxes within the legal framework.

Action Out Your Strategic Plan Swiftly

To achieve your objectives in Malaysia, each step of your strategic plan must be well executed to facilitate ease of daily operations.

Labuan Office Space Solutions

Setting up your offices in Labuan has been made easy with state of art technology with conference call facilities.

We provide full business center office from low budget to high premium offerings to meet your objectives!

The cost of office set up starts from as low as USD120 per year for a virtual office, right up to per private room of USD 120 per desk, complete with functional office set up. For license entities, we offer a premium package with a special set up according to your needs. A span space of 10,000 sq ft, we cater to every need to meet the commercial substance requirement! 

We help you to achieve your goals in Malaysia!

We offer both Malaysia domestic onshore and offshore Labuan solutions, get business advice from us to structure your entry and exit strategies for your holistic investment approach!

Single Point, Single Contact on Our Complete Platform!

Let Your Labuan Business Grow with Us!

Doing business in Labuan can be very challenging especially if your locality is far away and different time zone, we help to close the gap. We also empower you with Labuan knowledge to enhance your competitiveness and generate business value. The one-stop contact point will save time and hugely convenience for you!

Leave your Labuan back end jobs to us, create a peaceful mind for you to focus solely on winning front business and opportunities! 

More than

Nationalities Worldwide Served

Asia’s No.1 Leading Corporate Services Provider

Malaysia Is Ranked 

# 0
Among 190 Economies

In Ease of Doing Business
(The World Bank Group)

Labuan Tax Opinion, Compliance Tax Account Set Up and Filing Services

Billing and Book Keeping, Auditing Management Services

Full Secretary Support Services, Annual Statutory Compliance with Labuan FSA

Advisory on Right Structure Entry- Exit Strategy Business Planning

HR Planning, Hiring, Agreement Drafting, Staff Management and Staff Provision

Labuan Legal advisor and Compliance Framework advisory

Our Expert Team

Is Ready to Serve You!

Hassle-free and peace of mind for you with our professional expert team wrapping your business all the time! Bespoke service and solutions are available to meet your needs as you expand in Labuan. Our professional expert team focuses on the latest Labuan laws and regulations governing business to meet the compliance, tax structures, substance requirements to keep your Labuan entity on the toe to meet the needs of the various regulators in Labuan.

Our Business Set-Up Team is ever ready to provide invaluable support and hand-holding should you need to change business objectives, structures that may require a license, work visa, and other relevant applications from Labuan Authority. Leveraging on our suite of Labuan expertise, we are well-equipped to take care onshore and offshore Labuan business effectively and efficiently.

One Stop for Total Solutions

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