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Steps to Set-Up Labuan International Company

To ensure all necessary approvals able to obtain from relevant authorities, we will perform the required due diligence process, to avoid any disappointment unable to meet your objectives for successful approvals. All our services are backed by Service Agreement, the fee is fully refundable should the case not accepted by relevant authorities. 

Once your personal profile and your objective for setting up the Labuan Company have passed the required due diligence, we will recommend you the right entity and guide you each step to set up Labuan Company in Malaysia successfully as follows:

  1. Business nature and structure of the Company to align with tax and compliance
  2. Decide your Company identity- please propose 3 names for your Company to do a search for availability
  3. Decide on suffix to be used after your name, here is the choice: “Co.Ltd.”, “Limited”, “Ltd.”, “Labuan”, “LLC” or “Inc.”
  4. Decide on Shareholders and their ownership portion
  5. Finalizing the bank account opening with complete profiling and banker interview
  6. Decide if you need 2 years’ multiple entry Labuan work visa for you and partners
  7. Decide if any dependents to be included in the work visa application

How to Set Up Labuan International Company in Malaysia Successfully -Profiling and Documentation

We will profile your documents and provide guidance in preparation each piece of documents required for each stage to obtain successful approvals in various stages in five (5) simple steps:

[Check out what are documents required for Labuan Company Incorporation]

While Malaysia Government welcomes warmly all foreigners to set up International Businesses in Malaysia to enjoy low tax benefit and ownership of 100% via Labuan International Company, all business owners are expected to keep their companies fully comply with the following relevant authorities:

  1. Labuan Financial Services Authority
  2. Inland Revenue Authority
  3. Malaysia Immigration Department
  4. Central Bank of Malaysia

We have been long in business render expertise in serving only foreigners worldwide in all aspect of business setup and investment in Malaysia. At Tricor Trustco, we provide a comprehensive list of Support and Services including corporate tax filing to assist you to comply with all legalities and up to date information to ensure:

  1. Your Labuan company is active and not penalized or blacklisted
  2. Your bank account is credible and active with the banking system in Malaysia
  3. Your Labuan business visa able to renew after the initial 2-years expired

Tricor’s ‘One Labuan Platform’ for your convenience to subscribe to all services in one stop to simplify your investment in Labuan from day one!

Drop us an inquiry form for advise of the right Labuan entity for you to meet your objectives. Alternatively, call us at +603-2783 9191 (Labuan Division) for an face to face meeting at our Kuala Lumpur office.




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