Comparison Labuan Company and Malaysia Sdn Bhd for Property Investment

Interested to invest in Malaysia’s property but not sure which is the best vehicle to use? The following is the comparison between the Labuan Company and local Malaysia Sdn Bhd Company for Property Investment for your better understanding. Foreigners only have two options between these two vehicles to use.


Labuan Company

Malaysian Sdn Bhd Company



Investment Holding

Zero tax with management account

Requires audit report



Capital Paid-up

Min. USD1.00

Min. RM1.00



Ownership as Director and Shareholder

A single person as Director and Shareholder
(100% foreign ownership allowed!)

A single person as Director and Shareholder



Yearly maintenance

Authority and Secretary Fee -USD 2,200 (approx.)

Secretary and Tax Agent Fee –
USD 1,500 to USD 1,800 (approx.)




Rental income received from Malaysia real estate will draw 66% corporate tax (Latest Labuan Law 2019)

Rental income as an investment holding solely for real estate will be 17% on net profit no more than RM500,000 for paid-up capital below RM 2.5 mil



Bank Account

Local RM and all foreign currencies of your choice

Local RM and all foreign currencies of your choice



Minimum Price of Property (Kuala Lumpur)

RM 1 million

RM 1 million



Director Fee Remuneration

No personal tax for all foreign directors receiving a fee

All directors’ income subject to a personal tax of 0- 28% (depends on resident status)



Work Permit

2 years’ renewal for the whole family (children under 21 years)

Not eligible



Work Permit Renewals

Yes, eligible

No eligible



Clearly, between both, Property Investment registered under local Sdn Bhd company is a better choice!


Bulk property purchases in Malaysia with Labuan Fund Vehicle

Foreigners are known to be interested in buying up properties in Malaysia. Most investors use either a local Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Private Limited) company or their own individual name for this purpose. However, for foreign investors who are interested in bulk buying properties in Malaysia (ideally USD 10 million and above) for investment purposes, may want to consider setting up a 100% self-owned property fund structure with a Labuan Company, rather than using a local Malaysia Sdn Bhd or individual name. It is advisable for each investor to find what is the best possible way of investing in Malaysia property in detail for themselves.

Need Further Information on Which Vehicle to Use? Reach Out to Our Team.

We are part of TRICOR GROUP (, to set up local Malaysia Sdn Bhd company. We provide comprehensive solutions from setting up right up to annual maintenance services such as tax return, audit, and accounting. We can also help to structure the set up with the inclusion of Labuan company for future easy buy-out.

Send us an email at [email protected] for advice on how to structure your property investments in Malaysia with the right vehicle!




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