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Property Investment Malaysia Thru Labuan Company

Investing in property in Malaysia is very attractive in Malaysia from a long-term perspective. The Malaysian economy is generating positive growth rates year on year. The middle class in Malaysia is rising rapidly in terms of wealth and they are upgrading their lifestyles too. This longer term demand will generate a good return for foreign investors who are considering investment in property in Malaysia.

Foreigners generally invest in property using their own individual names or register a company to own the property. With the recent introduction of a higher threshold price per property for foreign buyers, which rose to the latest price threshold for Kuala Lumpur is RM 1 million and in Selangor state is RM 2 million, a foreigner may finds it hard to take the ownership under their personal name. Moreover, Banks are tightening the credit loans, with some have frozen their home mortgages facilities to all foreigners. You may want to consider property investment in Malaysia thru Labuan International Company.

Property Investment is made affordable thru setting up Labuan International Company with multiple partners, instead of each pay RM 1 million per property, a few investors can jointly form a Labuan company to participate in the investment. For example, if 3 inviduals jointly buy a property of RM1mil, each of the 3 partners only require an  upfront investment only RM330,000.

One added feature of buying a property with a Labuan company is that all directors of the company can apply for a 2 years’ multiple entry visas into Malaysia. This minimises the investment risk and they also get to stay in Malaysia at the same time. Your return on investment is greater because you get to stay in the property while you are in Malaysia.

15 Reasons Why You Should Own Your Property Investment Thru Labuan  Company

  • You can own the Company 100% with single-person ownership!
  • Low risk and cost of investment with multiple partners in the company!
  • Labuan company can invest in Malaysia properties and worldwide!
  • As Investment Holding- there will be no tax and no audit report required!
  • Rental received from Malaysia domestics is permissible
  • No inheritance tax, disposal made easy by way of transfer shares!
  • It can easily switch to Trading Company when other business opportunities arise!
  • No withholding tax for the management fee, interest, royalty and technical fee
  • Foreign director’s fee earned, the tax is exempted!
  • Eligible to open a bank account in RM and multiple foreign currencies!
  • All directors are eligible for 2 years’ renewable Labuan visa together with his family!
  • Expatriates can be employed and pay only 50% personal tax!
  • Parents can be included in the Labuan visa on yearly renewable!
  • Labuan visa allows you and your family to stay in West Malaysia and Labuan!


Any rental received from your property investment in onshore Malaysia will attract non-deductible of 25% by the local Malaysians.

Read the comparison between owning the property of other entities:

Labuan International Company and Malaysia Sdn Bhd Company
Labuan International Company and Personal Name 

Fast approvals for the incorporation of a company, often complete within 5 to 7 days. Labuan’s work visa’s approval will take approximately 60 to 75 days. Feel free to speak on property investment risk and type of entity right for you by calling us at +603-2783 9191 (Labuan Division).

Tricor’s ‘One Labuan Platform’ for your convenience to subscribe to all services in one stop to simplify your investment in Labuan from day one! Drop us an inquiry form for advice that Labuan entity is right for you to meet your objectives.  




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