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Guide to Set Up Marketing Office for Labuan Company

With effective from April 2019, all Labuan companies can now set up their marketing offices anywhere in Malaysia and with unlimited staff. All Labuan companies must set up a management office in Labuan, , prior to the application for the Marketing Office elsewhere in Malaysia. Any additional marketing office location is subjected to Labuan FSA’s approval.

The role of a Marketing Office is to facilitate meetings with clients and to establish contacts with potential clients. There should be no maintenance of books and records (including trading activities) through, from or in the Marketing Office.

This is our comprehensive Guide to Set Up Marketing Office for Labuan Company!

The documents required to set up the Marketing Office for Labuan Company is as follows:

1. Three(3) years’ Business Plan including financial forecast
2. Organization Chart of Labuan office and proposed Marketing office
3. Propose location and address
4. Resume of the managerial staff at the Marketing Office

The operational requirement of the Marketing Office:

1. An address with the office of the separate door, independent from other entities
2. Proper signage contains the company name, registration number, license no (if any)
3. Yearly activities are required to be submitted to Labuan FSA with minimally be able to describe the number, type, and depth of marketing activities that have been undertaken throughout the reporting period. The report to submit within 30 days from 31st December annually.

The non-licensed entity to submit the report to Head of Registrar of Companies while licensed entity to submit to Head of Business Operation Unit of Labuan FSA.

The proposed office has to have a concealed space and with its own door access. The size of the office is flexible as long as it is able to fit the number of staff with sufficient working areas. Approval by Labuan FSA for Marketing Office often takes 30-45 days. Upon the approval, the Marketing Office fee of USD 2,500 is payable to Labuan FSA. For the subsequent year, the Marketing Office fee is to be paid by every 15th Jan.

Any expenses or employees incurred to the LMO will not be taken into account to satisfy the substantial activity requirements of the P.U. (A) 392. (annual minimum spending). Please click here for more!

The benefits of Labuan Marketing Office

It is very convenient for your clients or partners to meet you in the major city of West Malaysia for business dealings. Currently, only Kuala Lumpur has a direct flight to Labuan. For Labuan company that facilitate Singaporean clients, the most preferred location for the marketing office is in Johore or Iskandar. There is also no direct flight to Labuan from Singapore.

Feel free to speak to us at our Kuala Lumpur office at +603-2783 9191 (Labuan Division) to serve you better. We provide total solutions from setting up your management office and the marketing office. The application is only available to our existing clients. Feel free to send us your inquiry form for the setting up your Marketing Office today!




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