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Why Labuan International Company Is The Best Entity In Malaysia

18 reasons why Labuan International Company is the better option for you!

It is great to use Malaysia as the hub for your expansion in the region!

Labuan International Company is the simplest form where foreigners can owned in Malaysia and dealing with Malaysians are permissible. Here is some keys point of attractiveness:

  • Labuan Company can be 100% owned by a single person only, without local Malaysian partner!
  • Most of the businesses can operate without need of industry or activity licenses!
  • Incorporation is fast within 7-10 days, can be done while you are in your home country!
  • Striking off company is fast, often within 10 months!
  • Transact with in foreign currencies of your choice i.e. USD, Euro, etc!
  • Corporate bank account available in Malaysia Ringgit and most foreign currencies!
  • Yearly tax on net profit of only 3% with audit report for trading company!
  • For Investment Holding Company, zero tax and only managment financial report is required!
  • Dealing with Malaysian residents is permissible with tax rate of 3% subject to conditions!
  • No withholding tax for interest, technical fees, royalties and management fees!
  • Foreign directors receiving fees as income is tax exempted!
  • 50% personal tax rebate for foreign managerial employment!
  • Minimal paid up capital requirements for Expatriate Work Visa application!
  • Work Visa approval, often within 45-60 days!
  • 2 years’ renewable multiple entry Work Visa is available for you and your family!
  • Work Visa application can be done right after the incorporation of company!
  • Work Visa holders are permitted to reside anywhere in West Malaysia/Labuan!
  • Multiple family members can be included in your visa application!

Tricor’s ‘One Stop Solution Labuan Platform’ for your convenience to subscribe to all services in one stop to simplify your investment in Labuan from day one!

Drop us an inquiry form for the advice of the right Labuan entity for you to meet your objectives. Alternatively, call us at +603-2783 9191 (Labuan Division) for a face to face meeting at our Kuala Lumpur office.  




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    We are offshore and onshore business advisory expert to assist you in your business set up in Malaysia!

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