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Labuan Company Work Permit

Labuan is a “mid-shore” jurisdiction that offers great flexibility to foreigners who are interested to set up an International Business in Malaysia!

The 3 key benefits of a Labuan company are

  1. 100% foreign ownership,
  2. 3% tax regime and
  3. Permitted to deal with Malaysians.


On top of that Labuan Company owners can apply for two(2) years renewable multiple entry work permits for all directors and expatriates together with their spouse and children under age 21 with an option to stay in Malaysia (West Malaysia and Labuan).

Malaysia, as a country, offers a peaceful and stable country with an affordable cost of living for you and your family! Feel free to stay in Malaysia and do your International trades!

For those who are not residing in Malaysia, the 2 years’ multiple entry Labuan Company Work Permit visa able to facilitate your entry in and out of Malaysia conveniently to facilitate business meetings, the opening of bank account which now required a valid visa for cheque signatory person and banking matters.

The Labuan Company Work Permit also comes with multiple entries for your convenience, without the need to apply for any visa from Malaysia’s consulate/embassies for your visit to Malaysia. Under the Malaysia Immigration law, foreigners with a tourist visa are not allowed to perform any business activities.

Our comprehensive immigration solutions include due diligence and profiling of documentation to ensure all applications are in order prior to submitting to relevant authorities for approvals and to ensure your Labuan work permit visa is endorsed successfully.

The application for the 2 years’ Labuan Work Permit involves two approving authorities ie Labuan Authority and Immigration Department. We process the application for both approvals, often within 30-45 days.

Landing Procedure:

After the approval of Labuan Company Work Permit, you and your family are required to be in Labuan for a day trip for Labuan Immigration meeting and stamping of visa onto your passports. Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Labuan only takes 2 hours 15 mins by Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia. We will arrange your arrival, give guidance in the Immigration meeting session to ensure smooth endorsement of your visa. There is an immigration checkpoint at Labuan airport, Kindly bring along your air tickets departing Malaysia for verification.

The meeting with Immigration in Labuan only applicable for the first-timer. For onward renewal of visa, it is not necessary to fly to Labuan for stamping of visa unless a special request by the Labuan Immigration Department.

FAQ On Labuan Company Work Permit

Is it a must to meet the Immigration Department for the endorsement of visa in Labuan for the first time?

Yes. Under the Immigration Act, applicants required to be present at Immigration Dept and if required there may be an interview during the stamping of visa. For onward renewal, we will process the visa endorsement on your behalf, without a need to present in Labuan.

Who are eligible for the Labuan Company Work Permit?

All directors and qualified expatriates are eligible to apply with proposed positions that support the nature of business activities, hence Business Plan is one of the required documentation to lodge. All approvals of Labuan work permit are solely at the discretion of the relevant authorities and may change from time to time, please get the latest information from us prior to the application.

Under what circumstances my Labuan Company Work Permit cannot be renewed?

If the company is not active in the operations, or compliance on your Labuan Company’s statutory record and information, yearly fees and taxation records of your company and personal are not updated with the relevant authorities, under these circumstances may affect the renewal. 

When can I apply to include my parents?

You can apply together with your dependents (spouse, children and parents) after your 2 years’ Labuan Company Work Permit is approved. Note that the parent’s visa will be issued for a yearly basis.

When should I renew my Work Permit?

Six months before the expiry.

Where can I be eligible to stay in Malaysia with my Labuan Company Work Permit?

West Malaysia and Labuan as long as Labuan residential address is engaged.

Can my children study in Malaysia’s international school?

Yes, most international schools are able to accept the Labuan work permit.

For all compliance of your Labuan Company and visa matters, we can serve you conveniently in Kuala Lumpur at our Marketing Office at Bangsar South, please drop us an email [email protected] or call us at +603 2783 9191 (Labuan Division).
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