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Labuan International Company For Property Investment in Malaysia

Individual Name or Labuan Company for Property Investment

Malaysia Property Trend and Investment Entity Options

Many investors have witnessed a global economic slowdown in economies that have been a hotbed for investor confidence and activity over the past few years. The Malaysia’s property market has attracted many international investors due to the low property prices,  low Ringgit currency exchange, and abundance selection of choice properties.  It may be the right time for you to invest in Malaysia again!

How to buy a Malaysian property?

At present, property investment in Malaysia can be done through three primary means:

  1. Ownership of a Labuan International Company (LIC),
  2. Individual name, and
  3. Ownership of Malaysia Sdn Bhd Company (Malaysia Private Limited Company).

Know the complete advantages and find out more the comparison of investment holding between Labuan International Company and:

a. Malaysia Sdn Bhd Company 
b. Individual 

Why Should One Invest in Property Through a Labuan International Company?

Labuan International Company can serve multiple functions!

When acquiring a property, LIC allows a single person is eligible to own the company with the position as director and shareholder, paving way for easy single ownership! LIC also gives investors the opportunity to operate and take the opportunity of other business activities such as trading, exports, and imports, or even international, cross-border investments (fund, equities, money market, and cash) and other domiciled special purpose mechanisms.

The low entry point for property acquisition at USD 250,000!

The purchase of property be it for investment or stay purposes through LIC, it offers purchasers a low entry point of only RM 1 million(USD 250,000) in most part of Malaysia except Selangor state is RM 2 million(USD 500,000).

Flexible tax regime and investor-friendly law jurisdiction!

A non-trading LIC (Investment Holding Company) with activity relating to the holding of investments in securities, stocks, shares, loans, deposits or any other properties on its own behalf will be exempted from audit and tax. For Labuan Trading activity companies, a tax rate of 3% on the net audited profits is applicable. Rental income payment by local Malaysians will subject to a non-deductibility of 25%.

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Labuan Visa for you and your family is available!

All top management of LIC will be entitled to Labuan 2-years’ multiple-entry work permit which is renewable after expiration. Your dependents (spouse and children) and parents can also be included in the Labuan visa to reside anywhere in Labuan and West Malaysia where major cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor are located. Check out the latest information on Labuan work permit, Click here!

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We will walk you through the process of owning a property through a Labuan Company. Contact us today at or call +603-2783 9191 (Labuan Division) for an appointment! Send us your inquiry today to find out if the Labuan entity suitable to meet your objective.




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