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Guide to Start Labuan Forex Money Broking Business

It is easy to start your own Forex or Money Broking business in the Labuan jurisdiction with 100% foreign ownership! The license permits you to have your own trading platform or white labeling platform from another competent provider.

With our Guide to Start Labuan Forex Money Broking Business, we provide you all the vital information!

What is a money broking business in Labuan?

The money broking business is defined as the business of arranging transactions between buyers and sellers in the money or foreign exchange markets with brokers acting as an intermediary for consideration of brokerage fees paid. It is a straight thru processing (STP) model. Labuan Forex Money Broking license, however, does not include the buying or selling of Ringgit and foreign currencies by the broker as principal in such markets.

Who qualifies to apply for the money broking business license in Labuan?

Eligible applicants include:

  1. Individual or institution with money broking expertise with a good track record and sufficient years of experience in the field
  2. Regulated money broker or provider of such services from other jurisdictions with approval from home authority with the letter of awareness or consent available
  3. Any licensed institutions including approved money broker under the Financial Services Act 2013 with approval from the Central Bank of Malaysia

Qualifying Eligibility for Labuan Money Broker License

  • All applicants must show at least three (3) years of good track record and relevant experience in the money broking business.
  • You will be required to register a Labuan entity in order to operate the Labuan licensed money broking company with a paid-up capital of RM500,000. The company can be set up after the Labuan Money Broker License is obtained.


Three (3) permissible activities of a Labuan Money Broker license is as follows:

  1. Bringing together the counterparties on mutually acceptable terms for the same financial products in money or foreign exchange market to facilitate the conclusion of a transaction
  2. Receive payments for its service in a form of brokerage or commission fees
  3. Act as a mediator, strictly not act as principal.

Labuan Money Broker License Procedure

Propose a name for your money broker company
Submit money broker license application to Labuan FSA
Conditional approval processing

30-60 days

Upon receiving approval in principal, do these:

Form your Labuan company
Fulfill all requirements on per conditional approval
Money broking license issued

Latest Regulatory and Operational requirements for Labuan Money Broking Forex License, after approval, is as follows:

  1. Minimum paid-up capital of RM500,000 (can be in the equivalent in foreign currencies) unimpaired by losses with a certificate of evidence from the banks in Labuan
  2. Must maintain an operational office in Labuan and all transactions must be done to, through and from Labuan with minimum 2 staffs with minimum annual spending of RM 100,000
  3. Transact in foreign currencies of your choice, except with Malaysian Ringgit
  4. No transactions are permitted to be done with Malaysian residents, other than authorized dealers approved by the Malaysian Exchange Control
  5. The money broking company shall impose a maximum leverage limit of 100:1 on clients’ trading transactions (i.e. a minimum of 1% margin deposit to enable the opening of trade position). Example: if the transaction is USD100,000, then the margin requirement is USD1,000
  6. Ensure the counterparties ie principal broker or liquidity provider are regulated by a recognized supervisory or authority
  7. It is necessary to obtain approvals from the authorities who intend to operate prior commencing the business in those respective markets and such approvals have to be copied to Labuan FSA
  8. Where technology client interface is deployed, any intrusions or malfunctions of the systems incidents discovered must report to Labuan FSA with the root cause and impact analysis report to be submitted within 14 days
  9. Labuan money broker must disclose to their clients the list of introducing brokers and their roles and responsibility
  10. The company must appoint an approved external auditor to carry out an audit of business operations annually
  11. Maintain a separate account for clients’ monies and marked clearly each clients monies in record and client’s withdrawal has to be done within 3 working days
  12. Have proper written agreements and contracts with clients and any parties
  13. The money broking company must have a principal broker, liquidity provider, trading platform provider and copies of agreements
  14. Ensure compliance with the AML/CFT Act and Guidelines issued by Central Bank of Malaysia and Labuan Authority with a compliance officer hired
  15. Any changes on shareholders, directors, office location, additional office outside Labuan and outsourcing arrangements required to obtain approval from Labuan FSA
  16. The yearly license fee payable to Labuan FSA is USD 1,500.


Important Documents to Submit for License Application:

  1. Three (3) years’ Business Plan with Financial Forecast, AMLA and KYC frameworks and Marketing Strategies (optional)
  2. Profile of the Directors and Shareholders and Qualifications
  3. Audited Account for past two(2) years of the current corporate on-going company (if applicable)
  4. KYC, AMLA and Operation Policies

Feel free to speak to us via tel +603-2783 9191 (Labuan Division) or email the inquiry form if you would like to know more about how to start a Forex-Money Broking business today! To meet your objectives of starting a Labuan Money Broking Forex business, we urge you to provide us with as much information as possible to evaluate your profile to ascertain the success of obtaining the license. All information given to us is kept confidential. TRICOR’s One Labuan Platform easy to elevate your Labuan operation efficiently!




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