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Guide to Start Labuan Investment Holding Company

There are many ways a Labuan Company can be utilized as an investment vehicle. The most attractive advantage of a Labuan investment holding company is the zero tax advantage and no audit reporting is required.

Investment holding’s activities can be any combination of the followings:

  1. Investment Holding of your other companies in your own country or Malaysian companies
  2. Investment Holding of a newly acquired business in Malaysia or worldwide
  3. Investment Holding for securities, stocks, equities, loans, and deposits with offshore bankers and overseas markets
  4. Investment Holding for real estates, land and immovable properties worldwide or Malaysia


Malaysia local private companies often have Labuan Investment Holding Company as their corporate shareholder to maximum return. Dividends received by Labuan Company have no tax. Moreover, all management fees payable to Labuan Investment Holding Company attracts no withholding tax. Currently, the new set up for pure equity holding company don’t require any staff in Labuan but require a minimum annual spending of RM 20,000. However, for non pure equity holding company require an operational office in Labuan with a minimum of 2 staff with minimum annual spending of RM 20,000.

Labuan Investment Holding company has access to the multi currency banking account. As part of our service, we will arrange the opening of bank accounts with a bank of your choice after the Company is fully set-up. For more incentives for Labuan Company for foreigners, please click here!

Interested to start a Labuan Investment Company to meet your objectives in Malaysia? Email us at [email protected] or call us at +603-2783 9191 (Labuan Division) for an appointment. TRICOR’s One Labuan Platform easy to elevate your Labuan operation efficiently!

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