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Ways To Start Labuan Real Estate Investment Fund Business

Property Investment Trends in Asia and ASEAN countries

Asia and ASEAN countries are known for their stability and growing economies. Stable currencies and governments and resource-rich countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia with a combined population of more than 300mil people, are natural attractions to investors.

Rising income of the general population from these vibrant economies is creating demand for properties all over Asia. Naturally, many property investors are paying attention to this growing property scene. Moreover, there are plenty of  low cost, good quality properties in the lush greenery of natural beauty in many of these countries. On a larger scale, many investments are mede to the property markets involved land acquisitions, project developments and real estate investment.

Therefore, more and more fund companies are keen to have their presence in Labuan due to proximity to the opportunities in the real estate markets in Asia including Malaysia.

If you have a business idea in the real estate market that you want to tap into Labuan Real Estate Investment Fund is worth considering. Labuan International Financial Centre is listed on the OECD’s whitelist. Most business people are not aware that Labuan Companies are recognized for listing in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This recognition is attesting to the reputation of Labuan companies and Labuan jurisdiction as the place where clean and genuine businesses are thriving. To date, there are more than 50 banks, tens of brokerages, hundreds of fund management companies who have chosen Labuan over many other offshore jurisdictions.

To set up a Labuan Real Estate Investment Fund, here are the two ways you can consider:

1. Labuan Public Trust Mutual Fund. A fundraised through an invitation from the general public
[Click here to understand complete structure of the Public Mutual Fund] 
2. Labuan Private Trust Mutual Fund. A fund raised through placements to private investors
[Click here to understand complete structure of the Private Mutual Fund]

Real Estate Investment fund can be easily set up with a simple Labuan Company or Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership. Each of the entities to invest in real estate investment vehicles has its own merits. Most importantly is to find one suitable entity to match your business objectives on how funds are raised for the investment.

10 benefits using Labuan to start up your fundraising business:

Ways To Start Labuan Real Estate Investment Fund BusinessLabuan Real Estate Investment Fund is easy to get started with straightforward requirements! We offer comprehensive services to assist you to launch your Real Estate Investment Fund business seamlessly  as follows:

* Advisory on the right entity and structure to incorporate the business
* Crafting the fundraising instruments, including a prospectus and offers agreements
* Design the marketing presentation material
* Assisting managing the investor’s instruments to meet all compliance of the fund

Tricor’s ‘One Labuan Platform’ for your convenience to subscribe to all services in one stop to simplify your investment in Labuan from day one!

Drop us an inquiry form to find out more about how to get started with your Real Estate Investment Fund Business and advise of the right Labuan entity for you to meet your objectives. Alternatively, call us at +603-2783 9191 (Labuan Division) for a face to face meeting at our Kuala Lumpur office.  




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