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Labuan Investment Holding Company in Blockchain

A Labuan Investment Holding Company can serve as an investment vehicle for investors or entrepreneurs to invest in various assets class. This is especially crucial for investments in innovative and disruptive business models and technologies in the Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sectors.

This guide will show you why Labuan Investment Holding Company in Blockchain is viable for you!

Six (6) areas of opportunities in which Labuan Investment Holding Company is often used to invest in Blockchain:

  1. Intellectual Patents of Fintech and Blockchain technologies
  2. Equities of the potential or new start-up of Blockchain technology companies
  3. Digital Assets such as digital coins and tokens
  4. Invest in Venture Capital companies that focus on Blockchain
  5. Invest in Blockchain related companies listed in worldwide stock exchanges
  6. Invest in Blockchain funds or Digital Asset Trading Fund

Advantages of using a Labuan Investment Holding Company in Blockchain:

  • Can be 100% foreign owned
  • Corporate Tax is zero
  • Yearly only submit management account, no auditing is required
  • Dividends from the net profit payback to shareholders are non-taxable


Labuan is a whitelist and tax compliant jurisdiction. Although Labuan Investment Holding attracts no tax, each year the company has to file the tax return. The financial year for the company ended 31st December which due to submit by 31st March, extendable to 31st May each year.

Labuan Investment Holding Company in Blockchain Easy Set Up

The set up of the Labuan Investment Holding Company is easy and straightforward, all within 5 to 7 working days. The company requires only a minimum of one Director and one Shareholder. Both can be of the same person or legal entity.

Bank account opening for Labuan Investment Holding Company can be arranged within Kuala Lumpur with Ringgit and all other foreign major currencies of your choice.

Feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] for better tailored advise to determine if Labuan Investment Holding Company is suitable to meet your objectives! If you have decided to go ahead to register the Labuan Investment Holding Company, fill up the form today! Labuan Business ‘One Labuan Platform’ is designed to elevate your Labuan operation efficiently!




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    Type of Labuan Company

    Share Capital

    List the name and nationality of Shareholders-Min. one person, can be corporate/individual

    List the name and nationality of all Directors-Min. one person, can be corporate/individual

    How Many Bank Account You Need for Your Company and Type of Currencies?

    Do You Need Internet Banking Set Up?

    Do You Require 2 Years’ Work Permit for Your Working Directors?

    How Many Positions Required Work Permit?

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