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Guide To Reactivate Labuan Company After Struck Off

Labuan FSA will strike off Labuan company if the Labuan FSA’s annual fee not paid after 8 to 10 months from the anniversary of the incorporation date. With the electronic copy of the struck off notice issued by Labuan FSA, the owner of Labuan Company can apply to close their corporate tax file (“LE” file). Please refer to Strike Off Procedure for Labuan Company.

However, the owner of the Labuan company can apply to reactive their company anytime within 3 years from the date of struck off notice if they want to. The first step is to appoint us as your company secretary to handle the reactivation process with a simple KYC process.

The process of reactivation of the Labuan company often can be done within one week, with the documents required as follows:

  1. Submission to Labuan FSA with all the statutory documents such as Form 7, Memorandum & Articles, Form 13, 23 and 25
  2. Latest Annual Return (Form 27)
  3. Latest passport copy of all directors and shareholders if it is individual. For a corporate entity, we required the latest set of company documents.

There are 4 types of fees to settle:

  1. The Labuan FSA overdue annual fee
  2. The Annual Return Late submission fee
  3. Penalty fee if any charged by Labuan FSA
  4. Company Secretary Fee

The approval of reactivation will take approx 3 to 5 working days with the Restoration notice to be issued by Labuan FSA.

If the company has informed the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) of the struck off previously, we will apply to reactivate the corporate tax file again with Form 45 and Restoration Notice from Labuan FSA. The corporate tax file number will be the same as previously opened by IRB.

Send us your inquiry at [email protected] on the reactivation of your Labuan company.

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