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Labuan Offshore Company

Why Do You Need to Form an Offshore Company?

Operating through an offshore company allows you to conduct your business, bank transactions and/or personal financial affairs with maximum tax efficiency and a higher level of privacy. Most international businessmen will look at three (3) main key issues when it comes to setting up a Labuan offshore company:

Tax Efficiency

This is the main reason why many offshore jurisdictions exist which is to maximize tax efficiency for international cross-border businesses. Labuan jurisdiction offers one of the best in terms of tax.

Protection for Future Liabilities

Placing assets into an offshore company and incorporate a legal structure to provides a strong layer of protection from future liabilities claims from third party. This is also used for wealth preservation protection as part of legacy planning.   

Privacy is Guaranteed

Holding bank accounts and assets in an offshore company, rather than in your name, maximizes privacy and protection. With Common Reporting Standard implemented by OECD, check out what is solutions for Labuan offshore company! In Labuan offshore company set up, all information is not in public record, hence privacy is guaranteed by statute for the company officers, shareholders, and beneficial owners.

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Labuan Offshore Company may be right for you if your profile matches any one of the following:

  • If you are a Hong Kong citizen, living in Hong Kong and operating a business via Labuan offshore company this provides significant tax savings and deferral opportunities. Both Hong Kong and international sales revenue will enjoy low net profit tax of 3%.
  • Operate your International company with bank accounts of diverse foreign currencies provides a great advantage of investment diversification protection to maximise your return and reduce loss in the exchange rate. Labuan offshore company bank accounts can operate in different currencies such as RM, SGD, AUD, USD, Euro, Renminbi, Yen, etc
  • If you are from a country with restricted remittance controls, your business income residing outside your country provides convenience for further investment worldwide as well as protection
  • If you are a Singaporean, performing international trades through Labuan offshore company, living across the border in Johor gives you a great deal of savings and tax efficiency. You can also have the option to set up a Marketing Office in Iskandar as you expand your business.
  • I have a contract with the USA to provide services in Malaysia requiring my expertise. With the Labuan offshore company, you can hire your own personnel with 2 years’ renewal multiple entry Labuan work permits to facilitate your business.

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The above is a guide to better understand how Labuan offshore company set up can provide good solutions to meet your business needs. If your situation is connected to more complex  structure due to various business types and corporate tax structure of multiple jurisdictions, feel free to email us to better advise you to meet your overall objectives. Send us your enquiry today!




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