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Labuan Company Structure for ASEAN Business

Labuan Company Structure for ASEAN Business

Opportunity to tap into a US$2.95 trillion ASEAN single integrated markets! – 2018 

10 years ago, the 10 young & vibrant South East Asian nations will form a new borderless economic integration of over 630 million people with a combined GDP of US$2.4 trillion. Now its has has grown to US$2.95 trillion. ASEAN Economic Cooperation (AEC) is set to transform ASEAN into a single market and production base and a highly competitive economic region. Have you asked – how can your business be positioned for this unprecedented growth region?

The attraction of ASEAN Market

With “One Belt, One Road” strategy introduced by China government, many Chinese SMEs are interested to explore new markets particularly in ASEAN where the population is over 600 million and is young with high disposable income. The main attraction of the ASEAN market is that tariff will be lowered.

How to Best Structure Your ASEAN Business – with a Labuan International Company

Instead of having many entities in various ASEAN countries, one can go for a Labuan International Company to enter ASEAN from a single point. From Labuan, your business will be strategically positioned to trade with ASEAN countries.

Enjoy attractive low corporate tax rates, well-developed facilities for transit trade, access to trade financing services, abundant available employment, and low operational costs!

Set-up and operational costs are definitely much lower compared to Hong Kong and Singapore. Comparable to international financial centers with advanced financial markets, multiple currencies of bank accounts are also available in Labuan to facilitate trade with many ASEAN countries.

Depending on your business objectives, you can structure your Labuan business following these examples to realize Labuan’s low tax regime:


These are just two examples of how one can structure a Labuan business for ASEAN market. Setting up an entity in Labuan gives you flexibility in structuring your business to best suit your objectives.

Why Labuan Company for ASEAN market?

Labuan Companies can trade easily with multiple ASEAN countries at once, including Malaysia. Labuan, as a mid-shore jurisdiction, allows a business to trade with Malaysians. As such, there is no need to set up another Malaysian local private company to trade with local Malaysians. Labuan companies can trade with Malaysia with the same tax rate of 3%. However, local Malaysia Sdn Bhd company still required if your businesses require local licenses to operate.

At TRICOR TRUSTCO, we work closely with our clients to help them structure their business in the most optimal manner to best suit their needs. Speak with us today and let us guide you!


We provide consultation on Labuan company structuring, profiling of documentation and due diligence of company application, assist in providing the registered office and back-end support to ease your operations. We can provide ‘One Platform” full assistance from the start to finish helping you set up your Labuan business. 

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